Dear Friends,

Congregation Etz Hadar is beginning its 25th year of service to the community. We are a group of volunteers that inspire to carry on traditions and values of our ancestors. We meet as many needs of the Jewish community as possible for ritual prayers (Mourner's and Yharzeit's), continuing education, holiday celebrations, and social activities. For 11 years, our building is our home - for services, learning, commemorations, and many celebrations.

Please take a moment and think about the question, when do you protect time to practice Jewish traditions that honor ancestors, promote family values, dwell with G-d, reflect on big questions, make a distinction between the everyday routine and experience peace that comes from Shabbat rest? Although challenges and demands of the real world are unrelenting, I believe that our tradition provides answers that stand the test of time.

Before returning the Torah to the Ark during Shabbat services, a community prayer is said, the essences of which is important as we look ahead to the New Year and High Holydays.

'May He who blessed our ancestors, bless this entire congregation, their families and all that is theirs, along with those who unite to establish synagogues for prayer, and those that give funds for heat and light, for Kiddush and Havdalah, sustenance for traditions, education, and charity, as well as all who devotedly involve themselves with the needs of this community. May he reward them, removes sickness, heal them, and prosper their worthy endeavors.'

After reading this and maybe considering the meaning of prayer, I ask you to support Congregation Etz Hadar and renew your membership. The Board is committed to living within the means that members provide for a balanced budget. Though many dedicated volunteers keep overhead costs to a minimum, there are expenses for mortgage, utilities, cleaning, repairs, and security, as well as the highest quality professional leadership as possible. The annual cost to run our synagogue is modest, about $1,000 per person (+ $90 each) for High Holydays.

So please sustain life for our community. I ask you to take the time to send an annual check now or set up a monthly payment or give what you can as often as possible. By giving, you ensure that we can continue to provide a warm and hamish welcome to those in need.

Financial obligation these days are a stretch for everyone, but your support for Etz Hadar sustains a home for Jewish community for you to come to in Redlands and for you to share joys, sorrows, learning and traditional practices.

As the newly elected President, I ask that you email me if you have any questions, concerns, problems, or needs related to Etz Hadar. Maybe bring a friend or someone new?

The Board joins me in wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Shanah Tova! Please Join Us

Steve Yellon

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We accept cash, personal checks, and PayPal payments.
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