Recent Events

Shavuot and Annual Meeting

On June 8th, we had an evening of cheesecake, ice cream and an interesting discussion about why we eat dairy foods on Shavuot led by Rebecca Marcus.  At the end of June we had our NJOP Hebrew Reading 2nd  level class graduation at a learners Shabbat services.  On Sunday we had our Annual Meeting BBQ and Pool party.  The board was confirmed and we discussed programing for the next year.

Passover Across American at CEH sponsored by NJOP

On the 2nd night of Passover, 36 people participated in an educational Passover seder.  We sang, ate, learned and shared about the journey of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom.   Thank you to NJOP for providing an interesting Haggadah and support for the event, so that people could attend without a fee.

Hebrew Reading Class Graduation

Students of the NJOP Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level I received their promotion certificates from the course leader Renee Brounstein.  The certificates had beautiful caligraphy done by congregant Peg McCay.

A Pirate Purim party

Everyone had a rousing time at the Pirate themed Purim party & megillah reading.  Many came dressed as their favorite pirate.  A lovely dinner was enjoyed as well.

Chanukah at Etz Hadar was a great party!

There was plenty of merriment on the 7th night of Chanukah with a group candlelighting, food , songs and a rousing White Elephant Gift Exchange.  There was also a gift shop sale.  If you are looking for Judaica, please email

Thank you to Marla Drake, Jill and Paul Snyder for the food preparations and Janice Yellon for leading the event.

Sukkot and Simchat Torah was enjoyed by all at Etz Hadar! 

Thank you to the Gifford family for setting up and taking down our beautiful Sukkah.  

They did a great job!

A number of congregants enjoyed a meal or just sitting in the Sukkah.  We also had a family Friday event and the children learned to shake the lulav and etrog.


Members and Alum in the news


Dr. Roneet Lev, the daughter of Etz Hadar founding members Amilia and Ovadia Lev is featured on The Doctors with her study on deaths in her ER from opioid overdose.

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